4.1.2000 I've changed

I'd never thought I could ever love someone like you
And that all of my bad dreams become true
I wanted to be a perfect girlfriend for my man
All I eat was thrown out an hour later and I saw no end

I lost weight, cut my hair for you and lost my youth
You never gave me a sign that I should prove
You loved me although the problems were hard
It was me who drifted apart

And when I think back of our difficult time
I know that to say goodbye was the biggest crime
And I'm still sorry for destroying my soul and my body
And I'm sorry for loving making me bloody

Now do I know that you loved my inner worthes
I was so wrong and I treated us so unfair
You were not strong enough to watch me dying
But when I said I feel good I've been lying

Forgive me love, that I've forbidden myself to cry
Excuse me baby, that I alonged to die
But today I got strength to live for a long time
And I know now exactly this is no crime

I learned to love my own
and that I don't need to sit on a throne
I lost my Darling, My Love, Oh Baby
But I won myself finally