Dancing In The Warm Summerrain

We lay the whole day on the beach
Watching the waves of the blue sea
We were s high that we could fly
But listened to The Doors and cried

The sun shone so bright that it aches
But we couldn't stop watching the waves
Suddenly the sun was gone
And black clouds came in front

                We stood up and enjoyed
                The warm Summerrain
                We danced to Pink Floyd
                In the warm Summerrain

Our clothes were wet like the ocean
We covered our skins with body lotion
The heaven became blue again
But we waited for another rain

It got night and we fell asleep
Until we smelled illegal Peace
We climbed up a mountain
Where we found a dusty fountain

                We jumped down in the sea
                In the warm summerrain
                A free fall for free
                In the warm summerrain

Our souls woke up in the grave
It was too narrow in this cave
So we decided to fly out of it
And so we did

                Our souls were dancing
                In the warm summerrain
                We want to dance for ever
                In the warm summer rain