Dear, Jan/Feb 2000
Why do you interprate all I say so wrong?
And why do you want my life to be long?
You kiss your bitch in front of my eyes
Don't come to me by telling lies
Do you want me to be jealous of a bitch?
I Won't 'cause I'm a witch

Now you say you're sorry that you never obey
But everytime you do I lie and say it's okay
Will you ever excuse for the pain I had to stand?
But a happy smile is what I pretend
I will never take revenge for the love you took away
And I won't be angry if you don't wanna stay

Angel #13 hit me on the icy floor
While you were kissing a silly whore
But you came faster as I could see
You beat him made him bleed
You told me that you needed me
And I armed you with saying I love thee

But I lie, I never said this to you
I never look into your eyes and say my love is true
You are the man I love, the one I should hate
But I realized for a nice Lovestory it's too late
Our blue bus will end someday
And I wonder if then you will go away

I know you wanna make me crying
But this satisfaction would make me dying
But after all my eyes are filled with tears
Now I accept all my fears
You're really tearing me apart
When you say there's no love

I dreamed of my own funeral
Sadness and fears were in all
I realized a tear crossing your face
Because you know that's the end of our race
We always said that love's stronger than Death
But this time I wake up and I'm still in my bed