1/2.7.1999 My dear Anna,

How could we let it come so far?
I even don't know where you are
We spent so much time together
All those years seemed to be for ever
You were my all and I was your everything
We did all, dance, swim, smoke, sing...
I miss you and our ten minutes diets
I never thought that this battle of water would be the last
Our group was parted because of the others
But I still love you- you, my very best friend-
You were my Idol and you were my Fan
We had so many plans - how could they end so fast?
I still can't forgive me that I let you go
You were my God! But I don't pray to you anymore
I tried so often to keep the contact! Impossible!
I feel the pain much more since you're gone
I was never so depressed, so sad!
You let me forget the sad things of the past!
When we were together there was no war, no hate!
We had the mind of all the others! They loved us!
Can you remember the hours where we sat in the
car and listened to the radio and discovered Alanis M.?
Do you still know how we watched Arielle
and learned to sing her stupid songs?
"In Harmonie, Harmonie, ob Groß ob klein, gemeinsam sein, in schönster Harmonie.....!
"dann sing mit mir ein fröhliches Lied!"
We laughed so much about every scrap
All we did had no real reason but we did it together
I'll keep this memories in my head for ever
How could it end just that way?
We insperated each other in every situation!
and now when I think back of this wonderful time
I wanna have you back! say, you're mine!
and I love you still more than you could imagine!
Why can't you be how you were then?
I say now I hate you but hate is love...
and that's why I miss you - so much -
forgive me that I ignore everything
but I can't stand this aching memory anymore
Sorry dear, sorry my friend!