04.12.2002 My Best Friend

        Six years of anger, love and fun
        That's life when you are young
        Quarrels of deep hate were between us
        But one thing always kept us together

Without you I wouldn't be like me
With you I can always feel free
We talk and we laugh together
And I hope it will be like that for ever

        I trust in you blindly, need no proof
        I know you love me, and I love you, too
        No matter which trouble I am in
        You'd always help me out and forgive my sins

I can be the way I am
And I never have to feel ashamed

        I need you to listen to my secrets
       And I wanna know yours
        I need you to make me happy and smile

We both were always the ones to blame
But we support each other like good friends do

        I know my poems are not that perfect
        But the words were in my heart protected
        Whatever we do, I enjoy every hour

When you look into the sky you see the brightest star
I dedicate it to you, although it is far
'Cause it symbolizes the light that you are for me
Catching me out of depression in which I flee

        My sweet mouse, you mean so much to me
        You're the best friend I always wannabe (...) with
        I'm never gonna give you up, you're always on my mind