23.6.1999 Freedom (or how to feel free)

Sometimes in your life you feel controlled
Sometimes you need a change to feel free
Would you like to know my freedom
I'm gonna show you how it looks like

One day I ignored all the people I met
I went into the shop and bought all I didn't need
When I got home yet I screamed alone in the hall
I opened the window and smelled the snow
I sat on the sill and eat ice-cream with ketch up but with naked fingers

I wrote a card -with lip stick-
To a man I found in the phone book
I left a message on my answering machine
Called, "sorry I'm dead! But we'll see us in hell!"

Then I cleared out my closet so I had to walk on all my clothes
I damaged my room with a baseball racket
Windows and everything was smashed by me
I smiled and I wore nothing
I looked into the mirror and thought "I'm sexy"

So I went to the beach in a dressing gown
-Nothing under it- I swam in the water
Just nude and happy all alone
I thought "It's a nice day to die!"
So I stayed in the cool water - for ever-
That is and was my own freedom and I enjoyed it!