23.7.1999 Exit: hell

The life losts its sense
Sitting here watching how you go on
Some days you were crying, maybe
But I was forgotten very fast
I know about this "everybody hurts"
Sometimes...I wish I was a Computer
Then I hadn't any feelings and
that means noone could hurt me
Why did you touch my soul as much?

I hate you

but it isn't easy to say that...I told you
Oh, God! I fell in love although I didn't love you!
I thought I could be happy!
It was the first and the last time that
I had cares because of me!
tell me nothing 'bout Love and Pain!
You don't know what this is!
You're just playing with everyone!
you said you don't love me!
After we had nearly slept with each other
So did you ever feel pain?
I don't know!
I haven't got any reason to be so angry!
(doch habe ich...)
but why did you kiss me in the bed with the thought
"She's just a friend"..???
What can I do to make you love me?
Nothing, I think!
Will we be friends?
I don't know if I'm able to go on with you!
Well, all I wanna say by now is
Thank you for the three days and the two nights
I love you! but I'll go on without you