27.6.1999 Fall in love

Now I'm falling in love
and I don't know why
Just that it's all your fault

When I looked into your eyes it was as if I knew
my whole life through
I felt the joy of god! But I allready found my god
I dreamed of a kiss you gave to me
Oh dear, I fear I'm in love with you
How could you do that? Oh man
But here I am
till the bitter end
I'll stay with you to realize if this love is true
I don't know if I take the right way
Nobody knows how this is going to end
At the moment I'd give anything to
have you here by my side

I could stay my life in your embrace
You're one of those making me smiling the whole night
My dreams are yours 'cause you act the main role there
I wish I could banish you out of my life!
I hate being so in love but you're so sweet
Shall I let it rain for you?
Just tell me what to do! Do you love me, too?