If I Had Have Known You

When I hear your comfortable voice
I want to see your lovely face
I should have been born years ago
Then I would have gone to San Francisco

In the summer of 69 we would have met
The whole day we would have chat
I miss you although I don't know you
But I hope you would have liked me, too

                                                   If I had have known you
                                                    I would be missing you
                                                    I wish I was part of your life
                                                    I wish you would be still alive

Oh why did you have to leave?
Why couldn't you wait for me?
So many questions are unanswered
This desire kills my desperate heart

Your lyrics inspired my way of living
Whereever I go I hear you singing
Your way of seeing the earth
Makes me regretting my own birth

                           If I only would have had the chance
                           To dry the the tears before dropping on your pants
                           If I had jave known you, Jim
                           Would there be a song for me that you sing?

Every night I cry for you
For that you died so soon
Why did God take away someone
Brighter as the sun?!

I admire your life and that it was at that time
I would have visited Woodstock and done crimes
But I live here and now
And I accept that somehow