The last chance by Björn and Six

In the near past
There was a girl and a boy
They just wanted to be one
But their problems and fears made it impossible
They always met and left each other
Till one day
When they both thought it were the end
Happened some strange things

And she falls on her knees in front of you
And starts to cry for the first time!

But I can't move, can't say a word
Like a freeze I'm standing there
My mind's full of words
but they won't get out of my mouth

But she waits for your hand to take
'Cause you were the one she loved
But you said nothing you just stared at her
She knows she's alone, that's why she cried

But I'm unable to do something
I feel like a stone
My mind is getting slower and slower
I freeze totally

She wonders how he can be so cold
she gets up and take a look at his eyes
they seem to be full of emptiness
but she doesn't want to beleive that he's heartless

And he tries to move
But he's turning into a stone
He's turning into a stone
He can't think
Can't move
Like a dead man standing
On a road to nowhere

She kisses her mind but he doesn't react
He is cold like a stone and she thinks he's dead
But in his eyes she discovers the fear
And she knows it's nothing he'd like to hear

His eyes are clothing
While his body faces the ground
Voices come up to his head
Telling of truth and pain
Quietly his arms want to move
The voices are getting louder
As he tries to stand up again

His arms begin to move
His hand touches her face
And she cries again
She gets up slowly and whispers something in his ear
But he says nothing
And she gets fear
She was lonely and so she's now again
He stares at her scared as if she were an angel
But he says no word

Still he can't speak
His moves are slow
But he tries and tries
Again and again
He reaches her
Kisses her
To take her fear

But she's not satisfied now
She knows he loves her somehow (...)
And she has to go
But her moves are too slow
She doesn't want to fright him with a fast moving
But all her fear is gone
And he takes her in his arms

His mind wakes up
But there's still some fear
He won't speak
Not now
He sees her going on
He'd like to follow
But he fears her reaction

And she goes slowly away from him
And she hopes that he'll follow her
But she doesn't want to ask
Because she fears his reaction
Tears are hanging on his lips
And she feels how she dies
But she thinks he's better without her

He just wants to be with her
But his fear grabs him
He'll die without her
He can't live
When living should be without her
He won't live
When living should be without her

And she knows that she won't be able to go on without him
She is more than just sad and she knows this game can't become win (?)
She dies without being in his near
And he can feel her ice cold tears
Alone and on her own she is a nobody
Without a name without a home without anybody

And he cries HONEY
She looks back at him
She wonders what's going on
But he comes up to her
Still with fear in his eyes he looks at her
He knows if he lets her go now
She'll be gone forever
So he kisses her gain
He won't stop to kiss her
But it's like kissing a dead body
So he looks at her again
Her tears are running down his face
He takes her in his arms