Let me be 27.10.2002

No matter if I'm crawling in the mudd
Or if I want to be a creepy slut
Let me be what I'm not!

No matter if I paint my eyes black
Or if I want to smoke crack
Let me be! 
No matter if I don't eat
Or if a car hits me
Don't come to visit me in hospital

I'm fed up with your pity 
and your inner force to protect me
and I hate to take responsibility

No matter if I own a gun
And really shoot someone
Or if I drink too much, waste all of my cash
and cause a terrible car crash
Don't come to visit me in prison
Let it be!

Let me be even if I damage expensive chrystal plates
Let me sing (or scream) songs you hate
Let me be! 

Let me swallow pills I found on the ground
And smoke grass with someone from the south
Let me die if I want to
Don't come to visit my grave
Let me rest in peace
Let me be