Noone knows how much she was hurt
A long time ago she was already murdered
Lonely and alone she gets up in the morning
And she thinks "Why doesn't god let me die?"

She creates her past life the way she likes
When it's dark she switches off the lights
Alone in her room she talks to her imaginary friends
- And she wonders how this is going to end

She cuts her vains and doesn't die
When she laughs it's just a lie
All seems to be so senseless
And she feels like a poor princess

Writing her poem again how she had to fight
And she knows nobody will say she was right
Noone was ever listening to her

Loneliness is killing the glance in her eyes

But all she received were beats and hate
So Death was her only fate
She gets drunk every weekend
Her body is tired and wicked

And they call her junkie and call her bitch
She is the ugliest girl you've ever seen
Did you ever think about what this has to mean?

She met another boy
She fell in love and asked her imaginary friend to agree
She'll never forgot her first love
Because his name is engraved in her heart

But the boy listened to her crazy thoughts
He became her best friend in good and bad times
He advised her to forgive her own crimes

But she loves him and he loves another girl
This destroyed her new lucky world
She wants to die again to be together
With her real boyfriend, this time for ever

...She laid in hospital and he was angry with his angel...