Why can't I look at myself straight?
            No matter what I try it fails
            When I tried to be myself
            I just made everyone hate

I coloured my nails, shaved my legs
I made up my hair, used lipstick
I used Mascara, smiled sunny
I really tried to be funny

            Never drank more than two alcohol units
            But no one ever realized me
            I wouldn't have thought that I could ever need love

With drugs I numb the pain
But when it stops I feel ashamed
I always pretend not to care
But happiness is much too rare

            I'm slim and pretty
            I'm young and wild
            But no man wants me
            They don't even hit me

Coming home on saturday night
Enter the room, switch off the light
'Cause I don't wanna see the bed
Which is so empty, which appears so left

            Cannot sleep without pills
            Can't wake up without thrills
            In the past I loved to be lonely
            But now it feels like it would kill me

I lied I said it's easy
Feels more like on TV
I lied I said I'm fine
Feels more like I die