22.1.1999 I tried to make you love me

I tried to be the way you'd like to have me
I tried to say the things you'd like to hear
I tried to hide my feelings for you
I tried to accept your love to her
I tried to accept myself - for you

I tried to make you love me
I really wanted you to do
You don't love me
And I have to respect that!

I tried not to miss you
I tried to stop loving you
I tried to ignore you although I
Wanted you to be here
Can't you try to love me?
Don't you want to try to understand
my love?
Will you try stop loving her?
I tried to live without you
But how can a Junkie live without drugs?
In my next life, I'll try to make
everything better!


I'm dead now and I try to care for you
I'm your angel flying above
And I have a look at you!
You tried to give your best
And I tried to make you sad
Now I understand that I was the wrong one