A Lovesong

I'm sitting in the train
Thinking of you
I will never feel again pain
'Cause I know you love me, too
I love you more than all I know
So, I ask you not to go

Never had the chance to write a lovesong
Because the past was more than wrong
I know our love is true
I only have to look at you
I am so happy this time
My Darling, now you're mine

Never wanted to marry in my life
But now I can't nearly wait to become your wife
Will we ever do this step?
Will we sleep forever in the same bed?
No matter what we do, stay by my side
Then I will always be your bride

Every minute without you here
Is like holding the breath
I think we both drink too much beer
We'll do till the arrival of the death
Let us die one day together
Then we will live for ever

No quarrel could tear us apart
Because you know I stole your heart
I will keep it my whole life long
This feeling makes me very strong
In your near I feel so well
It makes me forget the walk through hell

You are my reason to live a long time
I say it again, you are mine
When I feel your kiss
There is nothing I could miss
When I know you're sleeping next to me
I feel totally free

Sex is such an unimportant thing
But with you it makes too much fun
I love to hear you sing
It's like feeling the sun
Never leave me, you know I need you so much
And I enjoy every little touch

you are the best man I ever had
and you'll be the only one I will have
Because I will love you my whole life through
and I can only hope you'll love me for ever, too
There is nothing left to say
but stay