Meeting with God 08.03.2000 

In a cup filled with vegetable food
Am I flying through time, space and room
Bored of the aliens I met on the way
'cause I found all they're all gay
I've got a lion by my side looking like a cat
And I feed it just until it's fat

I sing a song of coffee and hot tea
And I see the world's blue eyes staring at me
I let the mineralwater drop like rain
So that the deserts don't have to stand pain
. anymore
- nomore again

bridge: Suddenly the cooked vegetable says to me:
You can run but you cannot hide - so flee
Chorus: I fly through the stars and more
Till I see a big golden door
God stands in front of my body
and says he expected me

I laugh and tell him that he looks fuck'n'stupid
He just smiles and talks about his twin Brad Pitt
My giggle makes him feel nervously, so I say nothing
He sits on his throne and I sit on a string
He takes a long hard look at my titts
And starts eating potato chips

He advises me to fly back to earth - quick
But I cannot find my space ship

Der text ging eigentlich noch weiter, aber leider kann ich den zweiten teil nicht finden! SORRY!