14.05.2001 continued at 09.01.2002

When I was very young
I just wanted to have fun
Met so many people at that time
Didn't make me feel so fine

Andreas, you fucking fool
How could I ever love you?
You took my virginity 
But then I saw reality

Oh, Kevin, my dearest love
You are still in my heart
Your death devided us in two
But you should know I miss you

Jesse, you lived just for our fun
So, why did you take the gun?
You were always independent
Until you fucked your best friend's girlfriend

Mr.Johnson, the devil's alive
Since you've come, I've changed my life
We slept together after we've ended it
We were both lost and stripped

Sheridan, my worried brother
You're the dream of every mother
You can always make me happy
But stop calling me Sweety

"Blood of the Dragon" and I
Spent together a summer's night
Once you wanted to merry me
But that was no reason for me to be

Christian, my beloved fiance
You were the one with whom I wanted to stay
I will love you until I die
But that won't be a long time

We had to stand a lot
But in this time we forgot not
That our love was special
And once we were, too

All of you inspired my life
I'll never forget what it was like...