1.7.1999 Misunderstood

I always thought you are the one I can trust in
I wrote a letter - a misunderstood letter
You said you're sympathetic
but I didn't feel any understanding

(Chorus) I've never felt so misunderstood
May I need a new look
You ignored my problems and me
but in the future you'll bleed

And now I'm here to take revenge
I feel good and I want you to know that
You're the fool and nobody listens to you
Merci beaucoup d'aider moi!
and thank you for hating me!
for being so UNFAIR


see you in hell! There you should be carefully
If you're not - you'll feel awful
Why did you promise me to be there?
Here I am - alone again- and where are you??
Accept me and don't look away
Be there for me when I want you to
But I say goodbye to your 'bad' soul
and hello to the heaven blessed new one!


Trust is gone and so are you