The Morning After

Woke up at the hour of seven
Felt like being in heaven
Laid next to you
Knew a hard day begins soon
Had alcohol still in my blood
Felt like being shot

Kissed you all night long
Knew I had to be strong
Turning things were all I've seen
Couldn't really remember where I've been
Survived such a hard night
Started the alcohol fight

Wasn't sobered when I got up
Thought of our last horny fuck
Had an awful feeling in my stomache
Felt like someone broke my neck
Wasn't really able to sit
Was everything except fit

Went to the kitchen, saw a mess
And the Butcher asked me to play chess
Didn't wanna go away from you
Had to go through
Talked about what I did last evening
Everyone told me not to drink 2 litres Gin

Tequila, Whisky, beer, vodka and wine
Made me feeling very fine
Wounds and scratches on my body
Maybe because I fell down the bench
Facite of this weekend
Soaking, fucking, smoking
is our happy event
And we'll do it till the end