My Love                                                        9.11.1999  

When I met you I was glad
‘Cause I realized you’re more mad (than me)
When I met you I was happy
‘Cause you really tried to heal me
When I met you I was sad
‘Cause I knew you’d drive me mad

Till you came I thought there’s a god I pray to
But then you explained, that the only God is you
When I looked into your eyes
I nearly began to realize... that you are  

The someone I live for
Someone I learn from
The one I’ll die for
Someone make me feel warm  

I had a dream of you
But I never thought it could come true
But then you took me in your arms
My only minute full of charmes
I’m waiting for an answer you can’t give me
But will I be ever able to laugh without feeling guilty??
Although I think my life’s important like an apple-pie
You would never let me die!  

(Repeat Chorus)  

I wanna thank you for all that you give
And as long as you’re with me I‘ll live
You were so different from the others I met
‘cause you never tried to lay me in the bed

For your love I wanted to die
But it kept being a try
Sorry that I forgot how to cry
And with every smile I wonder why.
Don’t wanna sing ‘bout the love of my heart
‘cause in front of you I love to look hard
When you laugh  the world’s standing silently
You’re my secret brother protecting me
Don’t go on searching for the sense of your life
I’m sure it’s not the car you drive ;-)
The sense is to have fun with your friends
And to become independent...

My wish was to cry in front of you
But you’d never give me the chance to
When we met the first time
The sun didn’t shine
Just in my brain the sun was rising
For you I stopped fighiting... ‘cause you are  

(Repeat Chorus)  

Thanks for teaching me how to go on
Thanks for saying I am strong
Thanks for the nights we spent together
Thanks for the memories I’ll always remember
Thanks for kicking me in the ass
Thanks that you let me being depressed
Please do never stop banging your head
It’s just one thing making me laugh
I live my life just by the way
But you show me the light of day
Now I feel the dark desire
And you are someone I admire  

(Repeat Chorus)  

I don’t know what you think when you’re reading my song
I only hope you are the place where I belong
You are the man I love
You are the knife cutting sharp
You are my very best friend
You are my satisfaction, I pretend
You are my mentor
You are my very own saviour
There are questions I’ll always think about
I’ll tell you but I’m not very proud
- How do your lips taste?
- Do you speak of me with pride?
- Did you change me as much?
- Is it your face I wanna touch?
- Am I the only one making you speachless?
- Do you think my suicide try was heartless?
I know just one thing and that’s that you are  

(Repeat Chorus)  

Enjoy your life
With your beautiful wife
Please be there for me
Whenever I need 
Tell me how to become the way
You’d begin to love me one day!
And that‘s all I say