I'm a chewing gum
Dying in your mouth
I know my taste is very sweet
But soon you will spit me out!

Thrill me, kill me
Eat me, call me
If you wanna change me

Jump with me through the room
Let's take the piss out of the people
May we could camp in the room
Is it creative or simply childish?
Don't call me your golden angel,
when you call me bad
behind my back
No, I won't sleep with you,
just because you think
I'm the only one who would...

Don't you think I could have many other guys!
You're just a frog compared to all of them!
Go! Go home! Say goodbye, the night is over!
Go and look for the next stupid girl
That will let you into her bed
I didn't! And I won't!
So, now, please take the way out of my window!
A long way down
You would be faster, I guess
bye bye