Please Call My Number

All I want today is to spend an evening with you
Although my friends think you're just a fucking fool
So I asked you on the phone to visit me
You weren't wuite sure till I said "It's for free"
We're sitting on the table and you look into my eyes
In my satisfied face you can realize that it's so nice

But, no, oh god, you become sentimental right now
I'd like to tell you much and I don't know how
Drink one drink or two or four or eight or sixteen
Okay, we'd be drunken but I'd take you to bed with me
The next day you're gone and I don't know where you went
I wrote a letter, with perfume of course, and next day it was sent

...and in the letter was my number

So please call my number
While I'm eating cucumber
Please call me now
I know that you know that I know
that you know how

years and years went by and I'm still alone
I'm still waiting for you to call me at home
Rats are eating all of my things and are happy
But I won't change the flat because you could still call me
I don't have some friends anymore
Because they say I'm nothing for

I have been very angry with everyone
When I was young I just wanted to have fun
Every morning I wake up and sit by the phone
The phone's my best friend, never leaving me alone
But although I'm 99 years now I'm waiting for your call
My nephew already bought the grave in which I shall fall

...But I won't till you hadn't

Call my number
While I'm watching storm and thunder
I know that you know that I know
That you know how
so, CALL me right now!

I wanna make you drunken again
That is nearly all I planed
But one year after I died somehow
I asked god to make you call me now
he gave me a trendy-handy
But I destroyed it brutally

...Because you never

Called my number
May you've been eaten by a piranha
You never called me
And God will punish this!