01.10.1999 Don't look back or the race of life

I'm on my way in the race of life
Where I learned how to survive
I met so many people walking next to me
But they went back for leaving me
In my dark loneliness I walked with a boy
Abusing me and using me as his toy
I'm turning my head behind you
I always said you were blue, too
All of my life I went on walking
Without all the others without hoping
I was dreaming of the final end
Of a paradise or a wonderland

Don't look back to the past
Take your last holy breath
Don't look back to the past
Say goodbye - say it fast

Learned so many many lessons 
I got so many impressions
Drugs can make you happy and
They lead you to a Nomansland
I thought I had to care if it's fair
No matter if my lounge is tared
One day we'll all arrive at our aim
And everybody will lose their fame