A Girl's Life

She woke up that morning and wondered why
Because yesterday she jumped out of the window
She hates herself and there's no reason to live
She wrote down her history for me as a gift
In her childhood she's been abused
By her best friend who was amused
With 11 She's been raped on a party
And no one believed her afterwards
Then she met someone nice
But she was twelve and he was 25
He wanted her to love herself
But then he died and left her alone
She had to see him leave
She lost the light of life
Nothing left to believe in
Like a trapped animal
Trapped and alone

But... as always
      Life went on as it would never end
      A smiling teen is what she pretends
      Within herself she's already dead
      But never told anyone that she's sad!      
      Take a look around
     Sad people will be found
Are You still sad now?