28.6.1999 Sadness

No knife can cut so deep
No sound can be so loud
No pain can ache as much
No bullet can part my heart as much
No drama can end so tragic
No night can be so dark
No fire can burn so hot
No crash can be so dangerous

All of this doesn't matter to me
If I'd compare this with your treatment
Nothing of this can hurt me
as much as you did

I've seen the wettest sea but it was dry
I climbed the highest mountain but it wasn't deep
I saw the most depressed funeral but it wasn't sad
I took the knife and cut all of my body but it didn't ache
you hurted me as much as you could! Thank you, dear!
I cried a lot! Oh, fuck I'm strong!
You can't touch my soul anymore.

I'll live my life all on my own
for me! I'll become frozen 'cause I want it that way!
Thank you for kicking me through the room!

"I hate myself and I want to die!" (3times)