5.8.1999 Mr. Sandman

Mr.Sandman is knocking on my door
'Cause he is standing in the hall
Mr. Sandman wants me to fall asleep
He'll never make me counting sheep

Oh, Mr.Sandman is holding his axe
He says he'll break my legs!
Mr. Sandman wants to lie next to me
He says he'll be inside of me!

Mr.Sandman says he loves me much
When I let him in he wants to touch
Mr. Sandman says it's a secret!
I tell him that I will keep it

Mister, Oh Mister can it be?
Is it possible you wanna kill me?
You do it again and I don't know what it is
It's so ugly but you want me to kiss!

Mister Sandman, I said goodbye!
You, oh you did let me die!
I left you, I left my body
Not very nice, you made me bloody!