Her whole life long she leads this fight
About being good or bad, wrong or right
She's the heroin everybody is addicted to
But all the time she thought there's something to prove

She hates so many people but she loves the love
She believes she's hard, strong and rough
All her "friends" hurted her with all their lies
If there would be an award for the best loser
-She would win the biggest price

Nothing in her near could make her afraid
She's an atheist but sometimes she prayed
Her room is full of sunflowers
And the walls are paved with
Black wallpaper

She always feels raped but it was just a little
Abuse in her past by a stupid boy
Her life and her behaviour is a riddle
She wants to help. but she destroys

She's much more matured than fifteen
She already smoked and drank Jim Beam
She thinks she's fat and stops eating
She cuts her arms and legs until they're bleeding

If she goes on that way and keeps being depressed
Noone will realize it or help her till she's dead
She's really so sensible
But she's also incalculable

She's a vulnerable sweet little witch
Noone was allowed to fuck this bitch
She's a slut and proud of everybody she knows
Anytime she will be taken by the crow

She changed her angel-blonde hair to black
When she saw it she cried and wanted it to turn back
I think she's paranoid 'cause tell me one else person
That jumps, screams alone in her room and sings

She was "killed" by so many people
But she told me it is simple
She promised everybody to go on
'Cause she is strong

Why sang Kurt Rape me?
Didn't he know how bad this can be?
What is freedom? She never heard of it!
She's reaching out her hand so everybody can lick!