She No2 ...... -3./4.1.2000 (irgendwann mitten in der Nacht)

She is the lovely Girl everyone admires
She picks up flowers and gives them her mother
She enjoys to live and is good in school
She never really met a dump fool

Everyday she's walking through the forest and sings -
Some songs about the birds and butterflys wings
She's an angel with a "Denta Clean" Smiling
She's happy as long as the sun is shining

She likes the day and loves the light
All her clothes are coloured white
She never heard of Satan or Sex
Her best friends are all the little pets

But when it's getting dark and it becomes night
She's planing the world's biggest fight
The voices in her head advise her to kill
All these sounds make her thrilled

She puts on her black Hotpants and her leather shoes
And she knows in this moment, there's nothing left to lose
She puts her axe and her machine gun into a big bag
She's got strings with knifes all around her leg

She murders every night again
She is killing each of her Ex-Men
She drinks their blood like a Vampire
And she whispers something of her desire

The next morning she gets up early
She goes into the garden slowly
She feels scared, frightened and more
'Cause she sees a dead body moving on the floor

Her white dress is coloured bloody red
And her "nice angel Image" is dead
She's a munster in a costume dressed
But she could never become depressed

She hides her "little dead sins" in her big freezer now
She tries to go on someway somehow
One day her father -the priest- opened the freezer door
Cold, dead eyes stared at him before they dropped on the floor

His wife -with her six children- heard the Scream up in her room
She ran down the stairs to help him in this despaired doom
But the rolling eyes made her falling the steps down
And the believer in the big fancy kitchen kept being alone

The daughter's eyes were watching the spectacle reactless
And then the world knew that she is really heartless
But she still wears her white coat on the funeral of her mother, the bitch
And gave her a letter with her only wish

"I don't like you much
You fucking little slut
But bring me, your angel, to bed
Because I want to become dead!"