11.7.1999 I'm strong

Here I am standing in my room
Left alone and I think I'm sad
I had illusions in my had but
they changed into delusions
Here I am crying in my room
I feel so blue but I have to be strong
I can't explain but I've got you
and I've got me so I've got none
It isn't easy to be so small
I only hope one day I'll be free!

Everybody can take my reached out hand
and all of you do that
But I am strong
I've got enough courage
I will survive because of
my strenghth

Do you remember when I gave everything I had?
I did everything for people
All of them began to hate me! Hey, wow, that's nice!
But I've never given up!
I'll be strong to survive
I stand anything ...and
so you know why I am strong?

Because I don't...