Switching on the TV
                                                And guess what I see
                                                It's you throwing your bombs
                                                Your army with their guns

                                                You fight for democracy
                                                As a dictator you can't see
                                                Your atomic bombs will destroy
                                                My world and there's no place to flee

                                                Don't believe we let you get away with it
                                                We watch you and we just wait
                                                Waiting for the right moment
                                                Where your doing has an end

                                                Become the master of the world
                                                But when it's destroyed you can't rule
                                                You ruin the future of the kids we'll have
                                                Sometimes I wish you were dead

                                                The mightiest man can't speak his language
                                                Can you at least spell "Sandwich"?
                                                You're like a little boy
                                                Who plays war with his toy

                                                Will the mankind never learn
                                                That we will have to turn?!
                                                You still behave like 50 years ago
                                                And you're the star in the "Hitler Show"

                                                Why do you have the right
                                                To kill families and to divide?
                                             I will never understand
                                                That you're the mightiest man...